Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones, are developing aggressively, and many government and non-government agencies are considering acquiring such systems. This course will focus on the geo-spatial utilization of a UAS. It will cultivate students' knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the UAS and data post-processing systems. It introduces fundamental concepts surrounding operating a UAS such as strategies for selecting the right UAS, assessing its performance, managing resulting products (i.e. imagery), selecting the appropriate commercially available processing software, assessing product accuracy, figuring ways and means of producing metric products from UAS, and understanding rules and regulations governing operating a UAS in the United States.

This course is part of the following programs: Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security, Masters of Geographic Information Systems, Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, and Remote Sensing and Earth Observation.

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Qassim Abdullah

Dr. Qassim Abdullah is an accomplished scientist with more than 35 years of combined industrial, research and development, and academic experience in analytical photogrammetry, digital remote sensing, and civil and surveying engineering. Over the course of his career, Dr. Abdullah has contributed significantly toward the advancement of digital aerial imagery and LiDAR acquisition, and production processes. Among his accomplishments, Dr.

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