Geography of International Affairs

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The face of world politics seems to change as often as we go online or watch the news. In order to understand the realm of international affairs in its contemporary context, it is necessary to understand how we got here. One fundamental part of this is understanding how our global political system came to be and how contemporary systems are based on past iterations. The other fundamental part is to understand the theories that shaped these developments insofar as their influence on global political systems. In this course, we will examine the global political system as it is, as it was, and as it might be in the future.

This course is part of the following program: Geography Minor.

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Melissa Rock

Melissa Rock is a Doctoral Candidate in the Departments of Geography and Women's Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include Urban Geography; Feminist Geography; Globalization; Geography of the Developing World; Community and Regional Development; Cultural and Identity Politics; and China. She has been teaching at Penn State since 2006 both in residence and online via the Penn State World Campus. When she is not doing research or teaching, Melissa enjoys Yoga and ultimate Frisbee.

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