Computation and Visualization in the Earth Sciences

Credit: Earthquake locations from USGS by E Richardson © Penn State University licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Course Description

In EARTH 801, you will develop skills in a programming language designed for visual arts and visualization while exploring Earth science topics. Specifically, you'll learn and practice digital graphics capabilities in order to render Earth science concepts that are otherwise difficult to visualize due to complicated space and time scales. Here, you will interact with large, open, freely-available data sets by collecting, plotting, and analyzing them using a variety of computational methods. You'll be ready to teach secondary school students a range of Next Generation Science Standard skills involving data collecting, manipulation, analysis, and plotting. You'll also read and discuss current research regarding the teaching, learning, and evaluation of visualization skills, as well as multiple external representations of science concepts.

This course is part of the following program: Master of Education in Earth Sciences.

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Eliza Richardson

I'm Dr. Eliza Richardson and I am the author for this course, as well as the lead faculty member for the Master of Education in Earth Sciences program. I am an assistant professor of geosciences at Penn State's University Park campus and I am also a fellow of the Dutton Institute for e-Education, housed in Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Like Bruce Springsteen, I was born in New Jersey. Unlike The Boss, however, I grew up in Blacksburg, VA. I also spent time living in the Caribbean and England because my parents were academics and sometimes traveled for their research. I received my undergraduate degree in 1996 from Princeton University where I majored in geology & geophysics and got a certificate in East Asian studies.

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