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A good detective or researcher like Sherlock Holmes knows the fundamental questions that need to be answered to gather facts to solve a problem. So how does geospatial intelligence contribute to answering these questions? While geospatial technology is useful in revealing who, what, when, and where events take place, it is less useful in explaining why events occur. However, geospatial intelligence analysis leverages geographic information science and technology with the intelligence tradecraft to develop products that support decision-making in national and homeland security, law enforcement, emergency management, and international relief efforts. GEOG 882 will challenge you to think critically, consider alternative viewpoints, and question your own assumptions when analyzing why human events occur over place and time.

This course is part of the following programs: Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence, Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security, and Masters of Geographic Information Systems.

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Mark Corson

Mark Corson has been a professional educator for over 20 years. Mark is a Professor of Geography at Northwest Missouri State University. Through a cooperative agreement with Penn State, he authored and teaches "Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence" as the foundation course for the Penn State Graduate Certificate Program in Geospatial Intelligence. Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Government from the University of San Francisco and his Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Geography from the University of South Carolina. He also has a Master's of Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. Mark began his teaching career in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York.

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