Energy in a Changing World

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What is energy? It's the hot in heat, the glow in light, the push in wind, the pound in water, the sound of thunder and the crack of lightening. It is the pull that keeps us (and everything else!) from simply flying apart, and the promise of an oak deep in an acorn. It is all the same, and it is all different. Sunshine and waterfalls won't start your car, and wind won't run the dishwasher. But, if we match the form and timing of the energy with your needs, all of these things could be true. Energy in a Changing World is about the full arc of energy transformation, delivery, use, economics and environmental impact, especially climate change.

This course is part of the following programs: Master of Education in Earth Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy, and Energy, Business, and Finance Minor.

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Vera Cole

Hi! My name is Vera Cole, and I'm fascinated by energy--the science, the industry, the economics, the socio-implications, and the magic of energy in its many forms and transformations. I also believe this is a topic of immense importance at this point in world history--in terms of the environment, security and freedom, and economic stability. We need strong balanced policy, supported by informed voters. I hope this course adds to our collective working knowledge.