Energy and Sustainability in Society

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Experiential learning, yes! at a distance? independent undergraduate research? This capstone course in Energy and Sustainability Policy is a novel approach to exactly this. Each student follows the same overarching structure: a four-part written research report, weekly journals, group discussions, a LinkedIn presence, an in-person presentation and a video submission. Along the way, the student has numerous personal interactions with real world stakeholders and gives an in-person presentation to an interested local audience. Proven over many semesters now, this engaged scholarship model serves senior students well, guiding and building confidence and professional opportunities.

This course is part of the following program: Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy.

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Vera Cole

Hi! My name is Vera Cole, and I'm fascinated by energy--the science, the industry, the economics, the socio-implications, and the magic of energy in its many forms and transformations. I also believe this is a topic of immense importance at this point in world history--in terms of the environment, security and freedom, and economic stability. We need strong balanced policy, supported by informed voters. I hope this course adds to our collective working knowledge.

Brandi Robinson

Brandi is a Lecturer in the Energy and Mineral Engineering Department in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State University. She teaches courses for the Bachelor's degree in Energy and Policy Sustainability and the Master's program in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems. She completed her undergraduate degree in 2003, with a dual BA in Environmental Studies and Geography from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. In 2005 she earned her master's degree in Geography from Penn State. Her primary research interests included local scale mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and invoking behavioral changes for energy and resource conservation.