Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Credit: Solarvoltaic System by OhWeh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

Course Description

AE 868 examines the theories and design practices of solar electric systems in the context of utility and commercial-scale applications. An important goal of the course is to equip solar professionals with skills to follow the impact of hardware trends in industry on feasibility, design, and the commissioning of such systems. Students will learn how to design solar electric systems as well as the processes required for permitting, construction, and commissioning. Topics include conceptual design of solar electric systems, solar electric technologies, inverter and power management technologies, design theory and economic analysis tools, system design processes for grid-tied and off-grid systems, integration of energy storage and demand response systems, construction project management, permitting, safety and commissioning, system monitoring, and maintenance.

This course is part of the following programs: RESS Solar Energy Certificate and RESS Solar Energy Option.

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M. Amer Chaaban

I am M. Amer Chaaban, and I would like to take this opportunity and introduce myself. I have worked for RGS Energy, a Real Goods Solar company that is one of the nation's top solar power companies, as a Solar Design Engineer. During my work at RGS, I designed over 1,000 residential and large commercial solar systems combined with over 20 Megawatts in capacity. I hold a Master of Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Photovoltaic Technology emphasis and a Bachelor degree in Power Systems. I am currently completing my PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.