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OER is a fantastic way to give back to the community. We have heard from students and teachers in public education and homeschooling, in colleges and universities, and from citizens outside education who have used and enjoyed our courseware. Our Geology of the National Parks, Geosc 10, has been a fascinating journey, with experts from Penn State's WPSU teaching filming to a dozen advanced students who then went with us to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde and more. Their film clips, the online text we wrote, the slide shows, "rock videos" and supporting materials provide a real resource motivating solid science from some of the greatest places on the planet. These experiences have benefitted many Penn State students, and OER makes this resource available to everyone.

Dr. Alley's Biography

Dr. Richard Alley (Ph.D. 1987, Geology, Wisconsin) is Evan Pugh University Professor of Geosciences at Penn State. He studies the great ice sheets to help predict future changes in climate and sea level and has conducted three field seasons in Antarctica, eight in Greenland, and three in Alaska. He has been honored for research (including election to the US National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Membership in the Royal Society), teaching, and service... Read more about Dr. Alley.

Dr. Alley's Courses

Course Spotlight

pile of maps

Cartography and Visualization (GEOG 486) covers design principles and techniques for creating maps with contemporary mapping tools. It includes future will be introduced to future-focused application topics such as augmented and virtual reality, mapping with multivariate glyphs, the visual depiction of uncertainty, interactive geovisualization and (geo)visual analytics, and decision-making with maps and mapping products. Visit the course.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Tim Bralower standing on a research ship

Dr. Tim Bralower (Ph.D. 1986, Earth Sciences, University of California) is Professor of Geosciences at Penn State. He studies ancient climate change and mass extinction from the geological record. He has participated in five expeditions with the International Ocean Discovery Program and conducted field studies from Europe to the Caribbean and South America. He is a former Fulbright Scholar and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Bralower was Head of the Department of Geosciences for nine years. See what Dr. Bralower has to say about online education in Earth Sciences.