Earth 530 Course Videos

Earth 530 Course Videos

Earth 530 Course Videos

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Studying PA's Residual Soil (with Ashley Dere, Ag Sciences)

Part 1: Introduction to Soil Study and Soil Properties (4:30 min.)
Part 2: Soil Horizons, Boundaries, & Transitions (6:30 min.)
Part 3: Assessing Soil Color, Texture, & Composition (5:40 min.)
Part 4 (New) More about Soil Horizons, Wrapup (4:40 min.)

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Interview w/Dave Pollard

Part 1: Meet Dave Pollard (2:50 min.)
Part 2: Modelling Climates (5:25 min.)
Part 3: Modelling Ancient Climates (6:00 min.)
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Port Matilda & the Barrens (near State College)

Paleoclimatology & Pennsylvania's Ancient Climate
(Full-length clip, 4:20 min.)
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Svalbard, Norway

Longyearbyen Glacier & Greenhouse Warmth
(Full-length clip, 2:19 min.)
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Ampersand Soils

Soils and Sands at Ampersand Mountain
(Full-length clip, 2:45 min.)
Earth 530 vidcap

Bear Meadows

Atmospheric Carbon & Carbon Storage in the Ctricial Zone
(Full-length clip, 5:30 min.)
Critical Zone vidcap

Stone Valley / Shale Hills Research Site

Introduction to the Critical Zone
(Full-length clip, 5:30 min.)
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Shawville, PA

Natural Coal Seams & Electricity Generating in Pennsylvania
(Full-length clip, 2:55 min.)
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A Visit to the Adirondacks

Climate & the Hydrologic Cycle in the Critical Zone
(Full-length clip, 3:10 min.)
Tussey Sink vidcap

Colyer Lake & The Tussey Sink