Contributing to the OER Initiative

Contributing to the OER Initiative

Contributing courseware modules

Faculty members participate voluntarily in the EMS OER initiative. Faculty authors of courseware developed in collaboration with the Dutton Institute are invited to make all or parts of their courses available through a Web-based navigation environment that is openly available from the EMS OER Initiative Web site. Although the courseware modules remain copyrighted to Penn State, users are granted a Penn State OER Open Source license that permits use and re-use, including the development of derivative works (see the License link, above).

EMS Faculty interested in participating in this initiative may contact the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute.

Making a donation

It takes time and money to prepare educational resources for online delivery, to maintain and promote this site, and to read and respond to questions and comments. Please consider making a financial contribution to Penn State on behalf of The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative.

Please visit the Giving to Penn State secure Web site or contact us for more information on how to contribute to this initiative.